In Episode 034 of The Former Lawyer Podcast, I’m sharing my conversation with Tyler and April Roberts. Tyler, a former lawyer, and his wife April, who has a background in marketing, co-founded NOMOS Marketing, a marketing agency for lawyers.

In this conversation, Tyler & April share about:

  • What it’s like to be the spouse of a law student;
  • How April found out that Tyler had passed the bar before he did;
  • Why even before Tyler started law school, they didn’t plan on him practicing law forever;
  • How a personal tragedy set Tyler on the path to law school out of a desire to help others;
  • How they switched their thinking about paying off Tyler’s law school loans;
  • How the idea for their business grew organically from the jobs they were already doing (lawyering and marketing);
  • What it’s like to work full-time with your spouse;
  • How your background as a lawyer can both help you and hold you back;
  • How working for an entrepreneur with a legal background helped Tyler see how his law degree could be used in innovative ways;
  • How to communicate with your non-lawyer spouse about why you’re unhappy as a lawyer;
  • How they help lawyers differentiate themselves;
  • Their best advice for lawyers who don’t love their jobs;
  • and much more! 

Show Notes:

  • The doors to the Former Lawyer Collaborative are open through April 1st! The Collaborative is my support community for high-achieving woman in legal practice who are interested in exploring other career options. Join here—>
  • Connect with Tyler and April’s business, NOMOS Marketing, on the website, Instagram, or Facebook