For the first podcast episode of 2021, I’m sharing about how a cancelled vacation was a turning point for me in my process of leaving the law. I’m also talking a bit about why the law was wrong for me. And, I’m sharing what other lawyers can learn from my story.

I was a young associate just a few years in to Biglaw in the story I share in this episode. I had started to think that law might not be for me long term, but I wasn’t sure. My biggest obstacle was that I had not idea what I would do if I left the law!

My husband and I planned to spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s hiking in the hill country around Austin. Instead, after a last-minute filing, I spent it on the couch fielding conference calls and putting together an emergency response, while horribly sick.

And listen, I recognize that there were lots of things that I could have handled better in that situation. Things that could have improved the way that it went for me, some boundaries that would have improved my chances of actually protecting my time.

But honestly? In many ways I’m glad that I didn’t, because that week was a turning point. Listen to the episode to hear more. If a cancelled vacation is getting you down, I hope this encourages you.

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