Leaving Law And Finding Joy In Home Organizing With Pia Thompson (TFLP 079)

Pia Thompson is a home organizer, joy-finder, and KonMari consultant in training.

She practiced law for years even though it felt wrong to her. She would experience feelings of discomfort and would find herself crying in her office because she didn’t want to be doing the work she was doing. She had to hide and suppress parts of herself as a Black woman in order to fit the corporate mold.

Even though she was unhappy as a lawyer, for many years, she didn’t really consider doing anything else.She thought that success was simply making a lot of money and impressing people. Her perfectionist and people-pleasing tendencies, along with the fact that she didn’t know herself well, kept her feeling trapped. 

As she describes it, she didn’t have anything specific that she knew that she wanted to do next, so it felt like just staring into an abyss. She had a law degree, so what else was she supposed to do?

But her feeling that law was not for her just continued to grow. Eventually, she listened to her inner voice, which led her to home organizing, which combines her love of organization and personal development.

In this episode, Pia shares about:

  • Looking externally for what she should do career-wise, and neglecting to look internally.
  • How she developed a better understanding of who she was and what she wanted.
  • Struggling in law school and thinking that was normal.
  • Getting laid off after the financial crash when she was three months pregnant (and why she ended up just finding another legal job once her daughter was born).
  • Why she couldn’t be herself in corporate America.
  • Realizing that she had checked all the boxes without checking in with herself.
  • A friend telling her about Marie Kondo, and deciding the day she watched Kondo’s Netflix show to open a home organizing business.
  • How tidying is just a tool to get you the life that you want.

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