From Law To Podcast Production For Law Firms With Robert Ingalls (TFLP 083)

Robert Ingalls practiced criminal law, civil litigation, and estate planning before deciding to leave the law and start his company, Lawpods, which is a podcast production company for law firms.

On this episode of the podcast, Robert shares about how his podcasting hobby turned into a full-time career that he loves.

trying out various practice areas

Robert went to law school because he wanted to practice criminal law. But while the work was sometimes fulfilling, there were other aspects that he struggled with. 

Ultimately, Robert shifted out of criminal law and practiced civil litigation for a time. It was during this period that he realized that he detested conflict—as many of us know, not ideal when you are involved in litigation!

Robert transitioned again into estate planning, hoping to find a better fit. He found the work less stressful, but he also found it dreadfully dull.

Stumbling upon podcast production

Robert started a podcast for the estate planning firm he was working for on a bit of a whim. Over time, the podcast focused less and less on issues specifically related to estate planning, and Robert found himself becoming more and more interested in all things podcasting.

In this episode, Robert also shares:

  • How the sunk costs fallacy kept him stuck, believing “you don’t go and be a lawyer and then stop just because you don’t like it.”
  • Feeling like he would be letting his parents and friends down if he left the law (and being pleasantly surprised by their reactions when he decided to leave).
  • How what started as a hobby (podcasting) turned into his full-time career.
  • How he and his wife deciding to start a family kicked his career transition plans into high gear.
  • How going to a big podcast convention made him realize that podcasters were his people in a way that lawyers never were.
  • Working a bridge job at a bank after he had left legal practice while he was building his podcast production company.
  • Within 2 years of starting his podcast production company, making more money in a year than he had ever made as a lawyer.
  • Why he believes that there is so much power in the stories that you tell yourself.
  • His best advice for unhappy lawyers (hint: get a therapist!).
  • The importance of being kind to yourself as you plan your transition out of law.

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