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This guide is for you if you’re a lawyer who wishes they could do any of the following…

  • Explore what alternative careers for lawyers might be right for you
  • Find a non-legal job and use your law degree in a non-practicing role so that you can quit law
  • Consider leaving law because you are burned out
  • Change careers to something other than legal practice
  • Quit law and find a career that better aligns with your unique priorities and values
  • Look for a second career that is more fulfilling
  • Quit your job (whether you’re a lawyer in-house, in a small, mid-, or biglaw firm, public service, government, or anywhere else)

If you hate being a lawyer, or are just curious about exploring non-legal jobs with your JD, this free guide is a great place to start!

Hi there! I’m Sarah.

I practiced law for 10 years, first as a Biglaw litigator, and later at a state court of appeals (with a brief interlude in legal publishing).

In 2018, my husband and I paid off our (double!) law school loans and I left the law for good.

I created Former Lawyer to help other lawyers, like me, who discover that they don’t want to practice law, but don’t know what to do next.


Sarah Cottrell, the founder of Former Lawyer, helps unhappy lawyers ditch their soul-sucking jobs and figure out how to trade lawyering for a better life.

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